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Reprints from Film

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Reprints from Film

Reprints - Professional quality photographic prints direct from colour and black & white originals. Please select the correct paper format size to minimize cropping problems. A print mask allowance of 1-2mm on all sides should be made when ordering all fixed format prints.

Selective Prints - As above with the ability to selectively enlarge and crop your image to a choice of 26 standard sizes. Please include cropping instructions with your order. 

Custom Prints - Superb professional quality custom made prints produced to any size or format up to 50 x 30. Images can be enlarged and cropped to your specific instructions with density, colour and contrast corrections. If you require a non-standard print size, then please select the price for the next standard size up. Remember to include cropping instructions with your order and also a sample or guide print if you require colour-matching.