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Old Film Rescue

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Old Film Rescue

Film processing, printing and scanning from old formats / emulsions. Much old film, if stored in dry, temperate conditions can still yield good results and although there are no guarantees, we'll do our very best to rescue images from that long forgotten film.

We can process the following films in their natural mode of colour or black & white. Prints are produced on gloss paper to their relative format of 5"x3.5" or 5"x5".

  • 110
  • 126
  • 127
  • 620
  • APS

We can process the following films to black & white negatives only.

  • C22
  • AgfaScala
  • K14 (Kodachrome)
  • E4

Please note: Because of camera aperture / format variations, you may lose 1-2mm from the extremities of your image. When a film is deemed "not print worthy" you will be charged for process only at £6.90.