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Film Processing - Lomo, Holga and Diana
We have now developed a prototype carrier that will allow us to print film from all of these cameras, with the exposed sprocket area included (ie. shot in a 120 camera)

Your film is processed and the images are printed, including sprockets in the middle of an 8"x 5" sheet of true photographic paper in gloss or satin matt.

Please note, we cannot process prints or a CD from film taken with a Lomo 360 camera.
Toy Camera
Process Only
Process & Print with Index Print
Process & CD
Process, Print & CD with Index Print
Film speed changes and cross-processing
Add £1.25 per film and allow one extra day in lab.

The film type and any special processing instructions must be clearly marked on your order sheet and on the outside of the film container.

This is of particular importance when using re-loadable cassettes. When film is cut from bulk stock please make sure that the film is cut to the exact length or shorter as over-long film can foul the automatic machinery.